Gillian was born in Peebles, Scotland and studied Art and Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, England in the UK.

She studied fine art, painting, at Coventry University, England, then continued training in illustration at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, England under the painter Thomas Newbolt, illustrators Jane Human, Allan Drummond. This gave her a love of the narrative interpretation in art. Their class produced some of the finest in childrens book illustrators in the UK. Selina Young, Allison Bartlett and Ailey Busby to name a few. Not being fully convinced she was an illustrator, she pursued fine art, always being drawn to life drawing and Atelier classical approach. After having taken a long hiatus to raise children, recently continued her training in art as an Eastern Orthodox iconographer , and it gave her an interest in the ancient technique of layering translucent color and also depth of meaning and complexity of message they convey. Gillians studies are evolving continually as she says she is trying to master blending the ancient iconographic tradition of Byzantine techniques with figurative work as a painter and seeing where these decades of learning take her. These pieces are the beginning of a new era in her art, and she shall continue to evolve as a painter through studying these ancient techniques and subjects which are inexhaustible inspiration for an artist. Her biggest influences are Singer Sargent stylistically, Marc Chagall, Pre-raphaelites for the mythical ethereal, Titian and Reubens and Bouguereau for vibrancy in the quality of their oil paints. A lot of the classical techniques that evolved from generation to generation are now lost in this post modern era of art, but Gillian is following closely a new movement of atelier classical figurative and realist painters that are trying to re introduce the classical tradition of mastery in style and technique, Odd Nerdrum being one of the most outspoken in this movement. Keep watching this space….